eWALL – Home Caring Environment

eWALL is the outcome of a EC-funded project that contributes to the prolongation of independent living of various patients types and senior citizens. Unlike traditional eHealth/eCare solutions, eWALL offers a new experience to the users by creating Caring Home Environments based on advances sensing and reasoning in an unobtrusive way


The daily life of COPD and MCI people is difficult. A group of 100 researchers from 13 countries knows that very well. Being involved in an 8M€ EC-funded project over a period of 3 years, we are working hard to deliver a solution that could change the life of people with COPD and MCI. Following a thorough evaluation study we are optimizing eWALL, to meet very hard user needs; among them to be easy, unobtrusive and of course effective. eWALL is in its final optimization to become a product that will improve the life of more than 50 users during its test phase. eWALL is a product designed specifically for people with COPD and MCI that brings back a normal and safe life at home. It is simple to use and very effective.

eWall Architecture

The eWALL system is composed of two main subsystems: eWALL Sensing Environment and eWALL Cloud. The eWALL Sensing Environment is envisioned as a logical environment, deployed over a physical space, which is mainly responsible for explicit and implicit interaction with the primary user. Implicit interaction is referring to the collection various data about the user and its environment from medical and environmental sensors and control of environment through actuators. Explicit interaction is referring to direct interaction with the user using audio/video devices and user interaction sensors. The eWALL Cloud is central processing and data storage subsystem.

eWALL will release of the source code of the platform under Apache 2.0


eWALL makes available a large number of features. Among them:

  • My Daily Life
  • My Sleep
  • My Activity
  • Cognitive Game & Mental Training
  • Domotics
  • My Health
  • Physical Exercise Trainers
  • Well-being advertisements
  • Notifications
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    "Congnitive Game" server to exercise the brain, to stimulate minds, help rebuild cognitive or problem solving skills and to stimulate emotions and memories.
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    "Calendar" application supports the user to organize appointments and to-do’s but also reminds on birthdays of friends or family members.
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    "Video Exercise Trainer" application provides a structured exercise session, targeting disease specific needs and in the context of personal constraints (other frailty which may influence exercise execution/performance).
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    The user can see his current number of steps on the activity widget, an animated lava-lamp in the bookshelf that changes color from orange to green as the user is approaching his step goal
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    "Weather widget" shows the weather in the area of specific home installation. The area is bound to the municipality to which the home resides in.
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    "My Activity" application provides to the user information about their daily activities such as walking, jogging, and exercising. It is a monitor in a sense that it displays in different metrics, how active the user was for selected day, week or a month
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    "My Sleep" allows detection of number of sleep quality factors like time to go at bed, number of waking ups during the night, number of times off the bed, etc. Based on these data My Sleep application provides an understandable overview of the sleep
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    "My Healht" application gives an overview and delivers information to the primary user related to his/her vital signs measurements. This data are collected with the supported from eWALL medical devices. There are three indicators: Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SPO2) and Blood Pressure.
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    "My Daily Life" application provides the users with information about their daily functioning. It displays when and for how long the user is spending time on a specific activity or in a specific location at the house.
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    "Domotics" applications serves to give information about the environmental status of the observed rooms and appliances within the home. eWALL intends to collect data from the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Temperature, humidity and illuminance are given in real time for all the four locations.
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    The "Well-being adds" purpose is to motivate or advice the user to perform a certain action and to stimulate the users for a healthy lifestyle. Pictures with text message are shown on the screen while the user is not interacting with it. The ads address different topics of healthy lifestyle: drinking, healthy eating, showering, cognitive training, going outside, physical activity, meeting with friends/family, opening the window to increase air quality, going to bed early.


Jane is a 74 year-old-woman who has been living alone since her husband passed away ten years ago. Her only child Sarah lives 200 km away and tries to visit her mother once a month. In recent years, Jane has noticed some deficits in her memory capacity. In the beginning she would forget small routine appointments such as the weekly visit to the butcher. More recently she began losing track of things around the house. The pots appeared in the wrong place, and she couldn’t find her favorite earrings.
Jane (74 years),
Simone is a 72 year old woman with reduced mobility due to balance problems. Simone is afraid of falling and prefers to support herself while walking by holding the wall, the furniture or handles placed specifically for this purpose by her son John. Her fear of falling also made her prefer to walk using her walking stick whenever possible. She doesn’t go outside without it.
Simone (72 years),
Bob is a 65 year old male and lives in the rural area of Enschede, the Netherlands. He was diagnosed with COPD almost ten years ago, and despite the fact he quit smoking, his disease is getting worse. Bob is a furniture maker, but due to his disease he stopped working. His dyspnea became severe, he became more and more fatigued, became progressively underweight, was coughing a lot, and he felt increasingly limited in his physical capabilities – the intense scent and dusty work environment made him feel even worse.
Bob (65 years),



Aalborg University Denmark


Hewlett Packard Italiana SRL




Roessingh Research and Development BV


San Raffaele S.p.A.


Center for Usability Research & Engineering


Research and Education Laboratory in Information Technologies


Universitatea Politehnica din Bucuresti


Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje


Javna Ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore Podgorica (Centre for Telecommunications)


Technical University of Sofia


University of Zagreb (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing)


Stelar Security Technology Law Research UG


Austrian Institute of Technology


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